Field Protection and Crowd Control

Field Protection

Solutions to get your event off the ground.

Many events take advantage of green-space for their choice of venue. If soil stabilization is required due to loose dirt, inclement weather or preservation of grass, KLANCE Unlimited has a number of solutions.

Our field protection choices include:

  • Terratile
  • Rhino Mat
  • Sure Trak Flooring
  • Field Tarps
  • Carpet
  • Rental Plywood

Crowd Control

Support for a more secure event.

In today’s world, event security has never been more critical. When guests to choose to attend an event, they trust organizers to be ready with a plan that ensures a safe experience. With KLANCE Unlimited it’s easy to take steps in securing your event. We specialize in controlling the flow of people and will work with your security team to design and install the best solution for your venue.

Klance Unlimited offers:

  • Fencing
  • Bike Rack
  • ROCK Barricade
  • Concrete Jersey Blocks
  • Water Ballast
  • Mobile Bleachers
  • Seating
  • Rope and Stanchions
  • Tensa-barrier