Upstaging the rest.

When it comes to staging, KLANCE Unlimited knows how to take your vision and run with it. For 25 years we have been making the impossible, possible. With our experience, tenacity and competence, the results are always exceptional and safety is never compromised. Staging is our passion and purpose. Contact KLANCE Unlimited about your next project and let us bring unlimited possibilities to your event.

Our stage offering includes:

  • Stage Dimension Stage Decks
  • Rolling Stages
  • Tech Huts
  • Choir Risers
  • Ring Steel Scaffolding
  • Facades
  • Delay Towers
  • Total Structures Roof & Base Detail


Mobile Stages

Taking portability to the next level.

Innovation in portable staging equipment has evolved greatly over the last 10 years. What once took days to build can be accomplished in a few hours using a KLANCE Unlimited mobile stage. With budgets tightening and sponsorship dollars becoming more elusive, it’s important to find cost-effective solutions. KLANCE Unlimited promises to deliver affordable staging that is safe and adaptable to your needs. Browse through our many options in this category, then call or email us to schedule a KLANCE Unlimited mobile stage for your event.

Stage & Roof Dimensions: 24' x 20'

Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 6,500 lbs.

The smallest mobile stage from KLANCE Unlimited features an all aluminum, fully hydraulic set-up. The SL-100 has a total rigging capacity of 6,500 pounds with a 24’x20’ covered roof. It takes just two KLANCE Unlimited stagehands less than an hour to have your stage ready…very quick and economical.

Stage & Roof Dimensions: 32' x 24'
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 12,000 lbs.

This mid-size mobile option from KLANCE Unlimited has a stage and roof size of 32’ x 24’. Audio points are rated at 2,000 pounds and four trusses are available to fly production. It takes less than two hours for three KLANCE Unlimited crew members to have the SL-250 up and ready for your entertainment needs.

Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 26,000 lbs.

When you have an outdoor event that requires a large rigging capacity and performance space, the SL-320 is the stage you need. It’s a production workhorse proven to be a versatile solution for providing large format structures. With four KLANCE Unlimited crew members, set up is complete in only four hours.


Stage & Roof Dimensions: 50' x 40'

Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 24,000 lbs.

Simply put, this guy is a behemoth! The SAM-550 has been retrofitted with technology that not only makes it one of the largest in the world, but also one of the strongest, tallest and safest. Who else has a mobile unit with trim heights of 27’ from the deck to the bottom of the riggable roof beams? Set up time is virtually nothing compared to a conventional stage. Can you say unbelievable?
Wing Packages
Basic Wing Package: ****
Upgraded Wing Package: 40' x 24' Wings with 32' x 24' Tech Huts.

** These are standard wing packages. Klance Unlimited can provide any wing package, size and configuration to suit your needs.